“Guards” Dream Meaning: Understanding the Symbolism Behind This Common Dream

Dreams have always been a source of fascination and mystery for humans. They can be vivid, confusing, and sometimes even terrifying. But what do they really mean? Many people believe that dreams are a reflection of our subconscious thoughts and emotions. And one common dream that often appears is the dream about guards.

In this text, we will explore the symbolism behind the dream about guards and what it could possibly mean for your waking life.

The Symbolism of Guards in Dreams

To understand the meaning of this dream, we must first look at the symbolism of guards. In general, guards represent protection, security, and authority. They are responsible for keeping things safe and maintaining order. In dreams, they can also symbolize boundaries, rules, and restrictions.

Depending on the context of your dream, the symbolism of guards can vary. For example, if you dream about being a guard yourself, it could mean that you are taking on a protective role in your waking life. You may feel responsible for someone or something and want to keep them safe from harm.

On the other hand, if you dream about being guarded by someone else, it could indicate that you feel vulnerable or in need of protection. This could be related to a specific situation or relationship in your life where you feel like you need someone to watch over you.

Popular Dreams About Guards

Now that we have a better understanding of the symbolism behind guards in dreams, let’s take a look at some popular dreams involving guards and their possible interpretations.

Dream #1: Being Chased by Guards

This is a common dream that often leaves people feeling anxious and scared upon waking up. If you have this dream, it could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed or pressured in your waking life. The guards chasing you could represent the expectations and demands that others have placed on you. It could also symbolize your own inner critic, constantly pushing you to do more and be better.

Dream #2: Breaking Out of Prison with the Help of Guards

This dream may seem contradictory at first, but it actually has a positive meaning. Breaking out of prison in a dream can symbolize breaking free from limitations or restrictions in your waking life. And the fact that guards are helping you could mean that you have support and guidance from authority figures or people in positions of power.

Dream #3: Being Stopped by Guards at a Checkpoint

If you have this dream, it could mean that you are feeling stuck or blocked in some aspect of your life. The checkpoint represents a barrier or obstacle that is preventing you from moving forward. The guards could symbolize your own fears and doubts that are holding you back.

Dream #4: Fighting with Guards

This dream could indicate inner conflict or resistance towards authority figures in your waking life. It could also represent a power struggle between you and someone else. Alternatively, it could symbolize your desire to break free from rules and restrictions that feel suffocating.


Dreams about guards can have various meanings depending on the context and details of the dream. They often reflect our feelings towards authority, protection, and boundaries in our waking life. By understanding the symbolism behind these dreams, we can gain insight into our subconscious thoughts and emotions, helping us navigate our waking lives with more clarity and understanding.

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